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  The MEYTON advantages:

  • Optical measuring system with a non-contact measurement of a projectile flying through the frame.

  • Large saving of the running operating costs, as no consumables (e.g. paper rolls, rubber bands) are required for the measurement.

  • Robust light measurement technology with more than 20 years of experience on indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

  • Measuring frame for all disciplines, calibers and distances from 10 m to 100 m (as of 2014 to 300 m). Measures accurately all types of ammunition of small arms (from air guns to muskets).
  • Verifiable evaluation accuracy of 1/10 mm – even in the edge area of the target-independent of temperature, humidity and air pressure

  • Even after many years of operation, no readjustment of the measurement system is necessary as the center of the target is machanically fixed.
  • The Control PCs at the firing points are available in “Made in Germany” industry standard or in a cost effective PC standard.

Black Magic
Black Magic XL
We measure with light!
Black Magic
We measure with light!

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