Precise. Flexible. Unique.

Electronic scoring targets by Meyton.

Precise. Flexible, Unique. A motto that we at MEYTON have been following and cultivating since the company was founded in 1991 and which has made us the leading manufacturer of electronic shooting ranges.

Our systems use non-contact, optical measuring technology with infrated light barriers arranged in several rows. They measure the target position of projectiles of any calibre during their passage without physical contact with a measuring accuracy of at least 1/10mm - unbeatable precision!

Our systems are proven and flexible in use. Our acquisition software supports not only official sporting competitions, but also prize shooting, public shooting and shooting festivals of all kinds.

With over 25 years of experience in shooting sports and more than 30.000 shooting ranges worldwide, we are unique and the first address when it comes to reliable hit recording and evaluation.

And our references are impressive: with patents on all continents of the world and ISSF Phase I und II certification as well as DSB certification, we are wll positioned in the market.

Renowned weapon and ammunition manufacturers such as Carl WALTHER Sportwaffen GmbH, ANSCHÜTZ GmbH, GRÜNIG+ELMIGER, LAPUA GmbH, ELEY Ltd., H&N Sport and many more have been using Meyton equipment for quality assurance for years!

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