Federal and State Olympic Training Center

For the development of Olympic shooting sports in Germany, the Olympic training centers of the regional shooting sports associations are extremely important. There the athletes of the regional associations and national team shooters train under the supervision of highly skilled, experienced coaches and prepare for international competitions.

Except for the World Cup facilities in Munich and Suhl, all Olympic training centers in Germany are equipped with MEYTON electronic scoring targets.
Because of easy maintenance, low operating costs and reliable function in major competitions, the federations trust MEYTON.

The Olympic training centers host not only regional championships, but German National Championships (Hannover, Dortmund and Pforzheim) and international competitions at a high level are shot there as well.

MEYTON systems are installed in the following regional Olympic training centers in Germany:

  • Olympic Training Center of Brandenburg, Frankfurt/Oder (BSB)
  • Olympic Training Center of Lower-Saxony, Hannover (NSSV)
  • Regional Training Center of Schleswig-Holstein, Kellinghusen (NDSB)
  • Regional Training Center of Oberpfalz, Pfreimd (OSB)
  • Regional Training Center of Saarland, Saarbrücken (SAAR)
  • Olympic Training Center of Hessen, Frankfurt/Main (HSV)
  • Regional Training Center of Sachsen-Anhalt, Halle  (LSV S-A)
  • Olympic Training Center of Baden-Württemberg, Pforzheim (B-W)
  • Olympic Training Center of  Westphalia (WSB)
  • Regional Training Center of  Berlin (SV-BB)

Reference list of Training Centers in Germany with MEYTON electronic scoring targets:

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