ESTA 5 – intelligent software for athletes



ESTA 5 – the control PC inside the BLACK MAGIC electronic scoring target

With the ESTA5 app you can control the electronic scoring target with the browser. The Browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome) downloads the ESTA5 app from the BLACK MAGIC electronic scoring target by a Wi-Fi or ethernet.

ESTA 5 offers you the exact same functionality as a physical control PC . You can choose between any device: computer, tablet, laptop or even mobile phones.


Experience the full functionality of the Black Magic ESTs!


  • well arranged display of the target
  • display of hits in different colours
  • display of
    • series
    • results
    • projections
  • choosing the discipline
  • individual switching between preparation& siting and competition
  • printing results
  • adjusting the electronic scoring target
    • illumination
    • target changer
    • calibration
  • on nearly every device with an HTML5 enabled browser
    • simple
    • cost-effective


Ideal for single lanes and completely integrated into the Shootmaster-System


The software on the Meyton black magic electronic scoring targets offers you completely new experiences: you can control the target from any device with Wi-Fi or ethernet.



Cost effectiveness without compromising functionality!

You can connect the control panel to the ESTA5 App. You also can control ESTA5 with mouse and keyboard or the touchscreen of your device.

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