Meyton System

Everything for your shooting range


  • all 100% optical - measurement with infra-red light
  • all pistol- and rifle-disciplines from 10 to 100m
  • all shooting ranges from single lanes to national training center
  • all competition from club shooting to olympic ISSF disciplines



The key part of your shooting range are the Electronic Scoring Targets. The targets measure your hits with the highest possible precision and completely contact-free with infrared light barriers.

Meyton offers you two types of targets

both targets are embedded in a large array of accessories. These allow you to adapt the targets individually. Accessories can be

  • bullet catchers
  • mounts and shot protections
  • target lightings
  • Meyrosa Infrared shooting
  • aiming target holders



At the firing line control PC's display your hits. The control PCs show the target and allow you to configure the Electronic Scroing Target. You can see your results, calculate hit statistics, select disciplines and print targets and results.

The workstation with the ShootMasterII Software is the "brain" of the Meyton System. Every hit is registered in the database and you control the entire shooting range. You manage competitions and training.

The DisplayController display targets and results on projectors and large screens. So spectators can follow the competition directly.

All devices in the Meyton system communicate with TCP/IP over LAN or WiFi. This is the same protocol that is also used for the Internet. This means you can rely on robust and proven technology and that all devices that are compatible with the standard are compatible with your Metyon shooting range.

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