IROSA powered by MEYTON

Infrared shooting on your Meyton lane!

The special IROSA PROFLASH spot-guns and light point guns operate a safe infra-red light technique and are not subject to the requirements of the firearms legislation. With the weight, controls for the shaft and grip adjustment, as well as their equipment with match trigger and modern sight can be compared to those of the adults range. The use is equally suitable for both right and left handed shooters. Therefore, a smooth transition to the adult shooting sport is possible.

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The hits from the IROSA target boxes are evaluated using the MEYTON software which are displayed on the monitors at the firing point. Images and results can be printed easily using the MEYTON print function.

A big plus is the very easy assembly- the MEYTON measuring frame is simply replaced with the IROSA target box and connected via the data cable.

The targets, with the focus area 17 x 17 cm, can be used both indoors, as well as running covered in open shooting ranges (summer biathlon).

The MeyROSA system cannot be manipulated by the laser pointer, also sun-rays and even raindrops will not affect the infra-red light beam.

Annually, at the national championships in Hannover. The NSSV offers shooting practice with light riffles for children under 12 on IROSA shooting targets which are connected to MEYTON control PCS.

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