The software for your shooting range!


  • completely integrated software for your shooting range
  • suitable for single lanes as well as for national training centres
  • covers every aspect of sports and traditional shooting


Shooting sport

  • plan, manage,  control and evaluate competitions
  • from individual local competitions to international events with hundreds of athletes
    • from five minutes rapidfire competitions tto month-long competition serious 
    • from individual athletes to national teams
    • special features for referees
    • Bundesliga
  • creation and planning of starter lists
  • creation and management of evaluations according to DSB, ISSF or you own, individual rules
  • creation,  management and sharing of disciplines according to DSB, ISSF or you own, individual rules
  • monitoring and planning of the development of young athletes during their training

Traditional shooting

  • from individual traditional shootings to the world's largest traditional shooting with more than 3300 participants and cash desks
  • your shooting - your rules


For athletes and spectators

  • individual assignment and control
  • presentation of results from print and on large screens
    • hits
    • targets
    • series
    • rank lists
    • finals

Technical features

  • protocol of every hit ever registered on your shooting rang
  • remote servicing
  • updates and upgrades - always the news features and rules
  • modular software
  • extensive administration tools
  • many im- and export functions for starter lists and results




Competition control

Competition control

Control competitions

  • assign athletes and lanes
  • start and stop times
  • remote controlling of lanes
  • manage individual hits
  • print results
  • adjust and calibrate electronic scoring targets
  • user interface adaptable to your needs


this program serves for controlling and managing competitions. You can assign athletes to lanes.

The tabular view lists all lanes on the shooting range together with them recent results.

You can start and stop competitions.



  • plan and prepare competitions
    • manage startlists
    • manage participants
    • manage clubs and teams 
    • manage classes 
  • extras to the database
  • import and export of data (DAVID21, WM-Shot, SDF-XML and CSV)
  • user interface adaptable for you needs



Simply create complex evaluations


  • shooting log
  • progress of athletes in training
  • DSB evaluations
  • ISSF and ISSF final evaluations
  • revisions of results
  • team evaluations
  • training
  • export of results to PDF, HTML, CSV, MS Excel, David21 and XML
  • printing results and certificates

Discipline creation

Discipline creation

Create, manage and share individual disciplines


  • Standard disciplines (DSB, ISSF and other associations)
  • Standard aiming targets (DSB, ISSF and other associations)

individual disciplines with all possibilities


  • individual aiming targets
  • positions
  • evaluations (divider, ring, ...)
  • Number of hits
  • preparation and siting
  • times and durations
  • calibre
  • and many more

Discipline selection

Discipline selection

Managing the disciplines on your shooting range and assigning standard disciplines for lanes.



Remote servicing

Remote servicing

Connect your shooting range to Meyton for technical assistance

  • remote servicing via Internet
  • connection wire workstation
  • completely secure
    • only you can grant access to your shooting range 
    • complete end-to-end encryption with SSH

LANA - Lane Assignment

LANA - Lane Assignment

  • individual assignment of lanes by the athletes themselves 
  • easy to use
  • cost-effective

For further information see the LANA product page.



Displays results on

  • additional monitors on the firing line
  • large displays for spectators
  • beamer




  • individual targets
  • results
  • finals
  • Rank lists

Control centre

Control centre

  • controlling and administration of your shooting range
  • overview of network and database status

the control centre is the backbone of the ShootMaster software. Here you find an overview of all software modules with version numbers and you can start the individual modules. From here you install updates and patches.

The control centre offers you a heap of diagnosis functions which automatically verify that the shooting range is running and correctly configured. This includes the network and the services for the database.

From the control centre you can change the parameters of the devices on the network such as electronic scoring targets, control PCs, gateways and display controllers. You also activate functions for the automated export of results.


The workstation is the central computer in the ShootmasterII System

  • ShootmasterII Software
  • controls the entire shooting range
  • controls every electronic scoring target
  • contains a database with all hits ever registered on the shooting range
  • robust and Linux compatible hardware

Can be configured as

  • Server
  • Client
  • Backup

Hardware options

  • Laptop
  • Desktop-computer
  • 19'' Server





Upgrade Service Contract

ShootMasterII is a software that satisfies all requirements of modern shooting sport. Meyton is dedicated to


  • continuous improvement
  • continuous implementation of new features 
  • adaptations to changing rules,  regulations and requirements
  • special features for traditional shooting
  • continuous improvement of user experience

An upgrade service contract offers you without additional cost

  • the most up-to-date regulations from DSB / ISSF
  • additional and new evaluations and features 
  • always the new software versions
  • participation in upgrades
  • continuous improvement of hardware support
  • year-round support


An upgrade service contract keeps your shooting range up-to-date. This is important for you, because our electronic scoring targets ever life-cycle from roughly 20 years and computer technology advances faster than our electronic scoring targets age.

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